Reducing Stress and Anxiety with Sound Therapy

In ancient cultures like China, Japan, and Nepal, connection with a higher being and a feeling of being at one with everything around them was important for achieving balance and harmony in life. These cultures used various methods to achieve that feeling of oneness through meditation, chanting, and bells. Singing bowls are special bells that can be struck with a mallet to create different sound frequencies. They are first struck to create what’s known as a “first frequency,” and then two or three overtones are produced in harmony to the original sound. These promote focus and relaxation, and modern science now backs the original hypothesis by the ancient Asian cultures that sound can promote general well being.

Sound therapy has an important place in today’s world with all the stress of daily life. Work, personal struggles, and crisis promotes a stress response from the body that can make people feel anxious and uncomfortable. In order to keep your body functioning in it’s best state, you need to lower stress and sleep better. Stress causes an emotional and physical response in the body. As humans evolved, stress responses were developed to allow the person to respond appropriately to a physical threat. Today’s stress stems from psychological responses rather than that physical threat.


To combat this physical response and reduce the symptoms of anxiety, Sound Therapy Instruments harness the power of sound. The first frequency accompanied by the harmonic overtones change your emotional and physical state. It helps you manage your stress in a safe and effective manner. You won’t have to worry about medications and side effects that impact your daily life. Sound therapy provides a natural form of relaxation.

The audio frequency produced by singing bowls matches different cell types in the body. This gives a predictable response range in promoting healing at molecular level. By strengthening cells at that molecular level, it helps the cells operate at their full potential, which leads to a feeling of general wellness. It has been scientifically proven that sound therapy helps with anxiety. It reduces pain, even in a post-operative setting, which can help reduce reliance on pain medications. It’s also effective for chronic pain management. Singing bowls give off good vibrations to promote relaxation. It helps to decrease anger. Using a singing bowl before bed can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep.

Singing bowls are a great alternative to traditional western medicine, or serve as an effective adjunct therapy. Companies like Silver Sky Imports make these bowls available anywhere through You can learn more about what options are available to you and start reducing the stress in your life by visiting


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